Recognition of Prior Learning

.Students can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which can be granted as a result of identifying and assessing the previous and current formal and informal education and training, work experience and/or life experience and knowledge.  The details are measured against pre-determined performance standards, which have been determined by industry, from a learning module, unit or element of competency listed in an accredited training package or course.

Candidates must document their claim for competency (initially using an Application for RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer form) and in sufficient detail to enable the assessor to decide if assessment is required.  The assessor assists candidates to identify the best means to prove their claim, to select and organise acceptable evidence and to complete and submit the application.

The assessor reviews the evidence to determine whether the candidate can demonstrate the claimed competencies. 

Post-assessment guidance assists the candidate and the organisation to obtain feedback and evaluation concerning the RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer process.  The assessor

-  Provides clear, prompt, and constructive feedback and reviews the results with candidates
- Advises candidates concerning their learning/development plan
- Informs unsuccessful candidates about appeals provisions
- Obtains feedback from the candidate on the RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer process

If assessment successfully demonstrates competency, the assessor forwards results to Compliance and recommends appropriate certification.  This may consist of a qualification or a Statement of Attainment.  Any certification issued is noted on the student's record.

- The assessor records the evidence considered, assessment outcomes and the competencies confirmed, plus sufficient summary evidence for third parties and in case of appeal.

- The record keeping system provides prompt, official notification of RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer results and progress updates, and permits the use and outcomes of the RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer service to be monitored.

 All applications for RRL, RCC and Credit Transfer are reviewed and approved by the compliance team.

If you would like to apply for RPL please mention this when you begin your enrolment process or if you have any questions about RPL
please Contact Us!